Thursday, September 23, 2021

Thrifty Thursday Upcycled Large Basket

Update a Thrift Store Basket

Can you ever have too many baskets?

Update a Thrift Store Basket
Don't answer that, but seriously, baskets are bountiful at thrift stores and are something you should always look at while thrifting. Be sure to check that they are sturdy and that they don't have broken parts and pieces. Some baskets were cheap to start with and probably should stay at the thrift store. Look for well made baskets created with natural materials. 
Update a Thrift Store Basket
This BIG basket was a no brainer purchase--its size and unique weaving pattern definitely called to me. 
Update a Thrift Store Basket

The dark edge of the thrift store basket seemed a bit tired or dated so I decided to freshen it up with some paint. I taped off the inside and outside edge and used 2 coats of white acrylic craft paint to give the basket an updated look.

How to use a Large Basket
Now, how or where to use the basket? It looks great next to a wood stove with kindling. A little secret, this wood stove is really a propane fireplace. The basket of kindling definitely gives it a more authentic fireplace vibe. Cut kindling at even lengths for a more modern clean look. You can also tie it together in bundles.
Update a Thrift Store Basket
This large basket also works great to hold fluffy throws for warm, cozy couch sitting. I was able to fit five, folded, fluffy blankets in it!

Here is a list of a dozen other ways to use a large basket in your home:

1. Keep stuffed animals and small toys contained in the family room.
2. Dress up a plastic plant by putting it in a basket.
3. Use it in a bathroom for toilet paper or towels.
4. Keep newspapers and magazines in it.
5. Place it by a door to hold mittens, hats, and scarves.
6. Hang it on a wall or door and add dried flowers and twigs.
7. If you hoard fabric, keep fabric scraps in it in the sewing room.
8. Have beach towels by the hot tub ready for guests.
9. Keep it in the laundry room for stray socks.
10. Turn it upside down, add a large pendent light, and hang it from the celling.
11. Keep ALL of the dog stuff in it--leashes, toys, harnesses, sweaters.
12. Keep your crochet and knitting yarn supplies in the basket.

Keep your eyes open for beautiful baskets at the thrift store, keeping in mind that you can always update and refresh them with a little paint...or pompoms or wood beads or fabric.

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  1. Becky I love how you jazzed it up with the paint border. Really made a big difference. BTW, I am a total fabric hoarder & I'd need several baskets at least that big to put a dent in my fabric!


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