Thursday, December 16, 2021

12 Days of Christmas Day 10 Dressed Up Basics

!2 Days of Easy DIY Christmas Ideas
I love to take something ordinary or something that is basic and dressing it up a bit. Signs--they have been going strong for years now and while I am over signs telling me what to think and feel, I still love them for adding a little something seasonal to my decor. 
Snowshoe Sign

"Dressing up" is exactly what I did with these decorative snowshoes from the Target Dollar Spot. Attaching them to a painted board and adding the perfect stencil took something that was cute enough and turned it into something unique and special. There are so many simple items you can dress up and improve upon to make them yours. I will share more ideas at the end of this post.

Dress Up a Simple Sign
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 I am not sure if Donna from Funky Junk Old Sign Stencils had an inside scoop on what Target would have at their holiday dollar spot this year, but her new Snowshoe Company stencil 
Funky Junk Old Sign Stencils
and the cute, decorative $5 snowshoes at Target pair together perfectly.
Target Dollar Spot Snowshoes
This was about a 15 minute project (plus dry time). I started with a board that was about 20" long. I painted it an olive green color. Using the NEW Snowshoe Company Stencil (GET IT HERE), I stenciled the wording at the bottom of the sign.
I then hot glued the decorative snowshoes to the sign. IF I was going to use the sign outside, I would drill holes and wire the snowshoes on or use a glue that works for varying temperatures.
Stencil a Snowshoe Sign
I hung the sign in a little spot in our sunroom, using Command Adhesive strips because this is a "virgin" wall--the first time we have attempted taping and texturing. We are so happy with the results I am not ready to put holes in it.
Cozy Winter Sitting Spot
I love that this sign will work all winter long in this cozy spot.
DIY Sign for Winter

HINTS on personalizing and making unique signs and decor:

*Stencils make it easy to personalize signs--choose colors, portions of the stencils you want, where you place the stencil.
*Upcycle simple dollar store (or dollar spot) items. Add bows, greenery, paint them, combine them, deconstruct them and use just parts of them (these snowshoes would be fun separated and hanging in a twig tree). Look at the simple items as a part of something bigger and more.
*Choose unique items to stencil or make a sign on. I used a normal board, but you can use cookie sheets, shutters, old windows, sheet music, flat baskets, old books. Think outside the typical sign board.
* Other items to add to signs--broken ornaments, old books, quilt scrap, dried things from nature.

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