Monday, January 10, 2022

DIY Heart Tassel for Make it Monday

Make It Monday
Happy Monday! Today's MAKE IT MONDAY project is easy and perfect for Valentine's Day and only takes a few supplies to create--wire, wood beads, and some yarn or string.
wood beads and wire to make a wood bead heart
A wood heart tassel can hang in so many different places and has a natural, boho look that I love, especially for winter.
DIY Wood Bead Heart Tassel
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You will need: an 18" piece of wire--you want something heavy enough to hold its shape, but still something you can shape. I am not sure what gauge this one is, but my guess is 16 guage, 21 20mm wood beads and one bead one size larger(the ones I bought are currently unavailable, but here is a link to similar HERE), string, yarn or jute. I also used wire cutters and scissors and something like a deck of cards to wrap your string around to make a tassel.

Shape you wire into a heart shape.
shape wire into a heart shape
Thread the 20 mm beads onto the wire. Twist the ends together with pliers and nip of any extra wire.
Thread Beads on a Wire Heart Shape
To make a tassel cut one 12" piece of yarn, string or jute. Lay this horizontally across the top of what you are using to wrap your tassel. A thin, hardcovered book works, a deck of cards, a picture frame. I grabbed our Turbo Tax. Start wrapping your string around the item and around the horizontal string (that will become your tie). Because the cotton string I used was thin, I wrapped it about 40 times. If your string of choice is thicker you will want to wrap few times.
how to make a tassel
Tie the string at the top into a knot and then slide the tassel off of your tassel making item (an official term). 
how to make a tassel
Tie it about half an inch or so down from the top.
How to make a tassel
cut the loops and trim the end to even up the tassel. 
DIY Wood Bead Heart Tassel
I tied the tassel into a bow at the bottom of the heart, covering up the twisted wire. Tie a loop tie at the top of the heart to hang it.
DIY Wood Bead Heart Tassel
This looks cute hanging in lots of places to add a touch of Valentine's Day decor. Hang it on a bookshelf,
DIY Wood Bead Heart Tassel
on a blanket ladder,
DIY Wood Bead Heart Tassel
from a drawer knob,
DIY Wood Bead Heart Tassel
on a shelf bracket on open shelving,
DIY Wood Bead Heart Tassel
on the wall.
DIY Wood Bead Heart Tassel
or from a doorknob. 
DIY Wood Bead Heart Tassel
Of course you can make this in different sizes, you can paint the beads, use colorful string or yarn for the tassel. Make it YOURS!

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DIY Wood Bead Heart Tassel

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