Thursday, January 6, 2022

Thrifty Thursday Temporary Eclectic Wall Hanging

Thrift Store Decor Ideas

Today's project started with something I almost left at the thrift store--a $3 bag of about 50 wood curtain rings. I actually did leave it, but went back the next day and grabbed it. I used 20 or so to make some cute ornaments this year, but still have a good pile of them. These are a pretty common thrift store find--look for them and get them when you see them.

Wood Curtain Rings
I am calling today's project temporary wall decor because well, it is. 
Use Curtain Rings to Make a Boho Wall Hanging
If you happened to read my post yesterday, I shared that we have some home projects in the works. These include removing trim, repainting walls, refinishing floors, and then adding new trim. Definitely an "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" situation. Because we just (ok, 5 months ago) moved back into our home after renting it out for a year, I haven't done much decorating. BUT, it was time, I couldn't handle the blank walls any longer.
Thrift Store Decor
SO, in November I decided to move our furniture around. We have always kept our TV in this hidey hole under our raised library space. 
Use Curtain Rings to Make a Boho Wall Hanging
While it is nice to have it hidden, let's face it, we rarely had the doors shut. We are TV watchers, and while I am home by myself during the day I like to hear some noise so I often have it on. Turning the couch and TV and room orientation towards this wall gave us so much more usable space. We actually have a bar in the space now, although it may not stay, but was a fun addition for holiday company,
Mid Century Modern Cabinet
The TV is sitting on this awesome, but in need of refinishing, mid-century modern cabinet that was left in the garage by the former home owners. It is missing the doors that cover the drawers (I keep hoping to find them somewhere in the garage rafters or walls) and the previous owners drilled through the top to add a counter and a huge vise. It is a Gio Ponti made for M. Singer and Sons piece, is walnut and is valued at $36,000 if in good shape. Supposedly it is a rare find from Italy and was made in 1953. Thank goodness for a stamp in the drawer that allowed me to do some research. At any rate, it is now my TV stand until the remodeling projects happen. The TV may eventually end up on the wall, but this piece will stay here. I love the storage options.
TV Wall Decor Ideas
My Christmas tree was to the left of the TV in this picture, so everything is not exactly centered, but I don't mind. While doing my Christmas decorating I decided I needed something above the TV. At first I thought about making a sign, but quite frankly, I am over signs. I then grabbed a branch that had blown down into the yard the day before. I added a little Rub-n-Buff to the branch in an antique gold color. It is subtle, but adds a little shimmer.
Use Curtain Rings to Make a Boho Wall Hanging
For Christmas, I hung glass ornament balls and pinecones from it. I decided to leave it for winter, but add something different from it. 
At first I thought I'd make some paper bag snowflakes, but they were going to be too big. I tried to make smaller paper bag style snowflakes from coffee filter--FAIL! Then I decided on the rings.
Tape off sections for a color block look
I taped off some of them and then painted them white. I painted a few all white and left some unpainted.
Use Curtain Rings to Make a Boho Wall Hanging
I strung two or three together, left some as singles, and then tied them to the branch. I think they look like  modern snowflakes hanging. I also added a string of pom-poms. 
Use Curtain Rings to Make a Boho Wall Hanging
A cheese box holds a newly planted succulent (it's in there, I promise) and a wood hexagon add life and warmth on either side. 
Thrift Store Decor
Like I said, this is all temporary for now, which is another plus to thrifting. I have spent less than $20 on everything you see on this wall--the furniture, lights, decor, even the TV (it was my son's). The space is warm and eclectic and fresh for a new year.

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