Monday, January 17, 2022

Make It Monday Boho XO

Easy Boho XO decor

Today's EASY DIY project is something a little boho and a little modern for Valentine's Day, an XO made from embroidery hoops and embroidery floss.

DIY Modern Boho XO for Valentine's Day
All you need to create this is three embroidery hoops, the inside hoop, two the same size, one smaller (the smaller one isn't picture below because I had a change in project plans after starting), some embroidery floss--4 or five colors of your choice, double stick tape, and scissors.
supplies to make a boho xo for valentines day
This is the type of Valentine's Day decor I like to decorate with--subtle, a little different, and not a big red heart (but if you love a big red heart, that's great!).
DIY Modern Boho XO for Valentine's Day
Start by tying one of the embroidery floss colors onto one of the larger hoops.
tie embroidery floss to hoop
Tape a 1.5-2 inch piece of double stick tape to the hoop by your not. Tape another one on the other side of the hoop directly across from the first piece of tape. Do not do this sitting under a fuzzy blanket like I did ( I had to move to the table).
Use double stick tape to hold embroidery floss
Start wrapping the floss around the outside of the hoop. Tie on a new color when you want to change colors. 
DIY Modern Boho XO for Valentine's Day
When the first / of the X is about 1.5 inches thick, tie it off and repeat on the perpendicular side to make an X.
DIY Modern Boho XO for Valentine's Day
For the O I tied a smaller embroidery hoop at two places inside the larger one. 
DIY Modern Boho XO for Valentine's Day
I wrapped embroidery floss in these two spots until they were about 1.5" wide and tied the floss off.
DIY Modern Boho XO for Valentine's Day
That is all it takes to make this modern boho XO Valentine decor. It is cute propped on a shelf or windowsill. I added some vintage LOVE letters in front of it to complete the look.
DIY Modern Boho XO for Valentine's Day
You could tie or hot glue the XO together to hang on a wall or front door. This project only costs a few dollars to make (I got my supplies from the thrift store, but you can get them from a craft store too!) and just about an hour to complete. After Valentine's Day you can keep the XO for next year or easily take it apart and use the hoops and floss for another project.
DIY Modern Boho XO for Valentine's Day

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