Monday, January 31, 2022

Make it Monday Shopping Bag Hanger

Make it Monday Easy DIY Projects

I try to use reusable shopping bags 95+% of the time. The problem is I often forget my reusable shopping bags at home (in which case I get paper bas or just load items into my car unbagged). I have been keeping my bags on a hook where I also hang my aprons just out side my kitchen to upper mudroom door area. While it is convenient spot to hang them right after unloading groceries, I don't always notice them as I am leaving the house. I decided I needed a closer to the garage door and car keys location for my reusable bags so I came up with something fresh and funky and a little boho.

Make a Easy DIY Funky Boho Bag Holder
This is a lightweight, empty bag hanger only, although there are ways it could be made to hold heavier items. The curtain rings work great to hang the empty shopping bags over.
Easy DIY Funky Boho Bag Holder
I started with a light colored white oak board that was 19" long. If you are not a wood worker and don't have access to a saw and wood, you can easily get something at Home Depot or a sign board at the craft store. These curtain rings are actually plastic and are from the thrift store (see how I used some of the wood ones that came with these HERE.) You will need some good glue. I used super glue, but would recommend two part epoxy and would use that in the future because it is a bit easier to work with. You will also want some masking tape, a yardstick, and optional paint and clear coat spray.

Why didn't I just use hooks instead of curtain rings? Because I wanted something fresh and funky and different!
use curtain rings and a board
I wanted a light colored wood board, but you can use what fits your style--a board painted white for farmhouse (with black rings), a piece of barnwood, a board with rainbow stripes painted on it. Make it YOURS! Because these were plastic curtain rings, I clipped off the eye ring with some plyers. If you have wood rings you may have to remove a metal screw eye.
clip plastic eye ring
I taped off the rings, each one differently, and painted them dark green. I thought about doing 5 different colors, but decided to stick with one. 
tape and paint curtain rings
I decided to paint the edge of my board too. Mark off even spaces for rings. I used five rings, but you can use more or less.
measure and mark even spaces
Using the super glue, I glued near where I clipped the eye ring and held the curtain ring in place on the board for 30 seconds before securing the ring with tape until the glue thoroughly dried. If the rings are wood, you could use a small nail or screw on the inside of the ring to better secure it to the board. When the glue was completely dry and the rings felt secure, I sprayed a clear coat on all of the shopping bag hanger.
Easy DIY Funky Boho Bag Holder
I hung the bag holder on the wall using command adhesive strips because again, it won't be holding heavy bags.
Easy DIY Funky Boho Bag Holder
I hung a vintage (70+ year old!) print of kumquats above the funky, boho hanger. I love the mix of something vintage with something fresh and new.
Easy DIY Funky Boho Bag Holder
I will keep you posted and let you know if I remember the shopping bags more often now that they are in a new location.

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