Thursday, January 13, 2022

Thrifty Thursday Update a Wood Stool with Paint

Thrift Store Upcycle
My guess is that if you go into any thrift store at any time, you will find a wood stool 75% of the time. They come in varying heights and conditions. Ten or so years ago I would buy all of them and then spend too much time making them sturdy, painting them, and selling them for too little money. They are often wobbly and the many spindles on them can make them time intensive to sand and paint. But, if I find a good, sturdy one that is well made and perhaps a bit unique and that is a good price, I will buy it. Such was the case with this recent shorter, heavy-duty, oak stool I bought. 
thrift store wood stool before
As you can see it was probably used as a little side table and that is what I thought it would be perfect for. So some sanding, taping, and paint and I have a fresh, updated stool.
Update a Wood Stool with Paint
I did sand off all of the orange finish and the rings on the top. A couple of the rings could still be faintly seen after sanding, so I made sure to paint over those spots. After sanding, wipe rally well so the tape will stick for clean paint lines.
how to get clean paint lines
I taped off two wedges. I purposely did not center the middle of the pie sections. I ran my hands over the tape edges a few times to make sure they were sticking well. 
fresh modern wood stool
I painted white wedges first. I was able to tape off the black wedge next because it was not next to the white. I had to be careful at the points because the white wasn't completely dry.
When the white and black paint were completely dry, I taped off the other two wedges and painted a moss green and a dark green pie slice. 
thrift store stool upcycle with paint
I used a wax over the stool when it was completely dry. It brought a little of the orange oak color back, but not too much. Next tie I am going to try to bleach the wood first before I paint to help it stay a lighter color.
Update a Wood Stool with Paint
I love this piece as a side table by a chair or as a plant stand or it would make a cute, small nightstand in a small space.
Update a Wood Stool with Paint
So, be picky, but buy those stools when they are the right ones--they make great extra furniture pieces that don't take up too much space. And with a little paint, they can be fresh and modern.
Update a Wood Stool with Paint

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