Monday, January 3, 2022

A Simple Winter Wreath for Make It Monday

Easy DIY Projects

Happy New Year! This year I am ready to share more EASY, DIY projects with you. I find if I set a day and deadline to share, I tend to do so more often. So I have dubbed Mondays as MAKE IT MONDAY here at Beyond the Picket Fence-- a day to share EASY, DIY projects YOU can make too. I will also be continuing with Thrifty Thursday posts. You will find that the two will overlap because what I make is often created from thrift store finds, like today's project.

Easy DIY Wreath for Winter
I started with a flat round basket from the thrift store. You have seen this before--I used it a lot last year and I embroidered it for Christmas (see HERE). I simply cut the yarn off to once again repurpose the basket. 
Easy DIY Wreath for Winter
I like the brown, organic feel of it, especially for winter. Other IDEAS to use as a wreath base instead of a round basket include a grapevine wreath, a wood embroidery hoop, a metal wreath ring, an oval or round wood frame.
Thrift Store Basket Upcycle
I used some faux cedar branches that I got for 70% off. I liked these because they looked wintry, but not necessarily Christmasy because they don't have any sparkle and frost. Some wool yarn and floral wire are also needed to make this wreath. You can use real greenery if it is readily available. I love using fresh, but it doesn't last as long. If you are going to use fake, buy good quality that will last for years.

Using wire snips, I cut the greenery (I bought just two, larger picks of the cedar) into smaller, more manageable pieces. I cut each one into three stems to start and ended up cutting apart one of those stems so I had seven pieces. I will show you later in the week what I did with the extra. 
Cut Faux Greenery Into Pieces
I started by wiring two of the larger pieces of cedar to the inside edge of the flat basket. I kept the wire long to add the "bow" later.
Wire Greenery to a Basket
I then added more greenery pieces, filling in and wiring them to each other and the basket so they are not too floppy. I like this style wreath because you can hang it with the greenery at the top, side, or bottom. I cut five strands of the wooly yarn and rope (I decided to add the rope for a more rustic look) different lengths. 
Make a simple Wreath Bow
I wire the yarn and rope to the middle part of the greenery where I left the wire to start. You can use ribbon, jute, embroidery floss, strips of muslin or fabric.

I propped the wreath on a shelf in my front entryway. 
Simple Organic Winter Home Decor
Other elements that help to create a simple, organic, natural look for winter in my entryway include old, leather cases that I seem to be collecting now. these include binocular cases, an old camera in a leather case, and a leather flask and cocktail kit case.
Easy DIY Wreath for Winter
I draped an off-white pom-pom strand across the pallet wood shelf,
Old Leather Cases
and added a few books with green and white bindings, tiny, brown ice skates, and a wood framed mirror to reflect the light. This is the original entry into our old schoolhouse and we do use it now for guests. A chalkboard message for the new year and an old school desk, plus a place to hang coats welcome friends into our home.
Easy DIY Wreath for Winter
This easy, DIY wreath is the perfect way to keep winter decor fresh, simple, and organic looking. YOU can put one together with a few simple supplies from the thrift and/or craft store. I hope I have inspired some of you on this Monday to MAKE IT!
Easy DIY Wreath for Winter

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