Thursday, September 28, 2023

How to Create a Candle Centerpiece for Fall and Winter

Although I am using a lot less seasonal decor in my home these days, I have made some small changes here and there. I have decided I might be a "change things up a couple times a year" person. The candle/centerpiece that sits on my kitchen bar, counterspace needed something different for fall and winter cozy months. I had the rainbow colored vases with candles in them sitting here since the beginning of March when I was craving sunny, bright colors. 
Candle Centerpiece for Fall and Winter
I love this centerpiece and it will probably make a reappearance next spring. But, with the change of seasons I am wanting more natural, warm and cozy tones, Using ONLY thrift store finds, I put together this eclectic, candlestick centerpiece. These finds were all items I already had so I shopped my stash for this centerpiece.
Candle Centerpiece for Fall and Winter
I have different elements and styles working together here. I love the juxtaposition of something traditional and shiny with something rustic. Keep reading to learn about the different components and why they work together. 
How to Create a Candle Centerpiece for Fall and Winter
I started with using some of the brass candlesticks that I have been curating. I love the warm color of the patinaed, vintage brass. 
How to Create a Candle Centerpiece for Fall and Winter
I knew I wanted the candlesticks to look cohesive by placing them on a wood or rattan tray. I wanted a dark color and decided on a rectangular basket tray. I like the texture of it and the natural wood handles that help bring an organic feel to the display.
I tried to randomly arrange the candlesticks so they weren't in any kind of a pattern. Candlesticks and candles that are different heights keep the look more casual and not so formal.
How to Create a Candle Centerpiece for Fall and Winter
I set the basket on a thrifted stitchery piece that is a little bit 70's-80's funky and that has fantastic fall colors. I got this piece with another smaller one that I have in my front entryway (SEE HERE).
How to Create a Candle Centerpiece for Fall and Winter
The final touch (for now anyway) is a couple good quality, faux stems and pheasant feathers. This adds a bit of nature. I may add a few more, but I am going to sit with the candlestick centerpiece for a few days first. Less is sometimes more. For winter, I will change out the stitchery placemat and add more pine branches and pinecones.
How to Create a Candle Centerpiece for Fall and Winter
I always love candlelight, but it especially cozy for fall and winter.

HINTS and TIPS to create a cohesive centerpiece with random items:
1.  Gather and collect what you think you might want to use and try different things. I tried two other trays before I decided on the basket tray.
2.  Use varying heights. You can set an item on a stack of books if needed.
3.  Place your centerpiece elements on a tray or basket or piece of wood or large book. This helps it from looking cluttered and makes it easier to move if you need to.
4.  Mix decorating styles, eras to keep it interesting and unique. If you like a lodge look, add something traditional or modern. If farmhouse is your thing, throw in some mid-century modern. If you like a minimalist look, think about adding something fussy like a small floral pattern. 
5.  Texture, texture, texture--use natural materials, slick metals, soft fabrics. If everything is the same texture, say all chippy white paint, nothing stands out and it becomes a yawn-fest.
6. Have fun, be weird, do something unexpected. It's just decor, nothing worth taking too seriously!

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