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Simple Countertop Centerpiece with Thrifted Finds

Centerpieces or vignettes are a fun way to incorporate your style and some seasonal decor into your home. They are also easy to put together with items that you have on hand or with inexpensive, thrift store finds. I like to keep one on my kitchen table and also on my upper counter on my kitchen island. Here is one that I just created for the winter months using only thrifted items.
Simple Countertop Centerpiece with Thrifted Finds
Keep reading to see how to curate items to create your own seasonal centerpiece. 
Simple Countertop Centerpiece with Thrifted Finds
This centerpiece is low profile and in this spot I am okay with this. It sits in front of my stove on the upper island counter. Not having something with height means it is easier to converse with people or guests that are in the great room area.
wood trough or dough bowl
You want to start with something to put your centerpiece on or in so that you can easily move it when needed. I am using a wood trough or dough bowl that I got for $2 at the thrift store. The warm, light wood is perfect for the winter months. You can use a tray or a platter, a large book or a cutting board.
faux pampas grass
I think every, or at least most, centerpieces need greenery or stems or something natural. I chose to use faux pampas grass stems and pheasant feathers. These came together in a big bunch with pine branches. They were all brand new with original, hefty price tags on them. I think I got $50 worth of faux stems for $5. You can use twigs and branches from your yard, good fake stems, or real that you change out as needed.
gold bells
I also used some bells from this wall hanging that I thrifted. It came with ten bells on it. I like the bells for winter and for "ringing in the new year". Find other small objects that interest you for your centerpiece. Pinecones, brass objects, small, vintage books, vintage kitchen utensils, figurines, or anything that you love that matches your style. 
Simple Countertop Centerpiece with Thrifted Finds
Next step takes a little playing and will be unique to you depending on what items you are using to build your centerpiece. Arrange your items in different ways until you find a pleasing arrangement HINT: take a picture to better SEE the centerpiece. Think irregular shape and odd numbers. Asymmetrical displays are more pleasing to the eye. 
Simple Countertop Centerpiece with Thrifted Finds
I placed both pampas grass stems on one side along with the single feathers. The large feather stem is on the opposite side. The bells, that I tied together with jute, are more towards the feather stems rather than in the center of the wood trough.
Simple Countertop Centerpiece with Thrifted Finds
I placed the centerpiece on a rattan table runner that I got for $3 at the thrift store. I folded it in half because it was too long to not. This simple centerpiece warms up the countertop space with the organic textures and natural wood. The white pampas grass looks so real and is the perfect white for winter without being a cold white.

Shop your home or the thrift stores and play with different items until you come up with a vignette that works for your home. Oh, and remember to have fun!

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