Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Thrift Store Spring Decor

I know, it is the last day of January and spring is a good 2 months away. BUT, when you are a seller and in retail, you always have to be thinking ahead. The theme for my next POP-UP SHOP at the end of February is "Think Spring" so I am thinking spring as I am thrifting to curate a collection of items perfect for March, April, and May. Plus, Easter is in March this year and by the end of February most Montanans are ready to THINK SPRING.
Curated Spring Decor Finds
Today is not Thrifty Thursday, but I am going to give you a thrifting TIP. 
Curated Spring Decor Finds
Is this you? You are excited to go to the thrift store to find wonderful items at great prices only to leave empty handed because the jumbles of thrift store merchandise overwhelmed you?
I get it--I have been there and done that. What helps me now is to have a word or two in mind to focus my hunt on. This week I have been thinking spring and pastel as I thrift and just look at all of the treasures I found that fit that description!
Thrift Store Spring Decor
Now, you do need to keep your eyes open for fantastic finds that may not fit your criteria or word. But, having a word in mind helps focus your eye. 
Curated Spring Decor Finds
These flower coloring books have colored full page drawings in them that will be lovely framed. The pink edged, square dish says that it was hand-painted in France.
Pastel Spring Decor
Pink bandana napkins (they are heavier fabric than bandanas) and a tulip needlepoint, a vintage, mid-century, Homer Laughlin vegetable bowl with pink touches all caught my eye. I grey ceramic bunny and faux spring flowers are perfect spring additions to any home.
Vintage Pink Scalloped California Dishes
I only found three of these vintage, dessert plates called Poppy Trail made in California. I like the scalloped design. What can you do with a small dessert plate when you only have 3? Use them under a plant as a saucer, on a dresser for coins or jewelry, or setting on the counter with wrapped treats sitting on it.
Wool Hooked Swan Rug
Swans and geese are making a decor comeback. This wool hooked rug would be pretty hanging on a wall or on the floor. 
Curated Spring Decor Finds
I can't find much on this platter. I don't think it is very old as it says microwave safe on the back. It is also stamped Lucerne Foods so I am guessing it is a grocery store giveaway or purchase but I am not sure. 
Curated Spring Decor Finds
The carved soapstone rabbit has a bunny inside of it. The blue and white plaid creamer is lovely for spring and the old books (1950 and 60's copyright) have lovely bird illustrations in them. 
original art from the thrift store
The original art--a watercolor and an acrylic both have soft, pastel colors in them so they came home with me. 
Curated Spring Decor Finds
I will continue to curate spring items over the next few weeks, using my word trick while shopping. Other words you might have in mind to narrow your thrifting focus might include: barn, farmhouse kitchen, mid-century modern, European museum, green garden, rainbow, country cottage, etc. Let me know if you try this word trick and how it works. Oh, and come back tomorrow to see how I styled some of these finds.

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