Thursday, February 1, 2024

Spring Tablescape with Thrift Store Finds

“February is the border between winter and spring.”
― Terri Guillemets

Happy February! Yes, we are still smack dab in the middle of winter. But, as I mentioned yesterday, when you are in retail you always have to be thinking ahead. Yesterday I shared some springy, thrifted finds.
Spring Tablescape with Thrift Store Finds
Today I am sharing an early spring tablescape created with some of those finds.
Spring Tablescape with Thrift Store Finds
In complete transparency, I will tell you that I am not keeping this spring vignette displayed right now. Actually, most of these items will be for sale in my POP-UP SHOP. But, I wanted to share what YOU can do with thrift store finds.
Spring Tablescape with Thrift Store Finds
I always like to build my tablescapes or centerpieces or displays (which word do like for this sort of decor?) on something so that they look pulled together and cohesive. I used a round, wood cutting board. I didn't want the base to compete with the colorful objects on it so that is why I picked wood. I set this on a folded, pink, bandana napkin.

The large mug with pastel blues and yellows and pinks is the perfect vessel to hold the thrifted, faux Camellia flowers. I bent the stems to hold them in the mug because I didn't want to create something permanent. A white velvet ribbon tied to the mug handle adds some soft texture and draws the eye.
Spring Tablescape with Thrift Store Finds
A faux pussywillow stem placed in a blue and white plaid creamer gives the vignette some height. The creamer is sitting on a vintage pink dessert plate, which adds more of the spring pastel to the display.
Spring Tablescape with Thrift Store Finds
A grey glazed ceramic bunny completes the trio of objects displayed on the cutting board. Remember odds! A candle placed in a hand-painted, pink, square dish placed at an angle next to the cutting board finishes the vignette.
Spring Tablescape with Thrift Store Finds
Placing both the cutting board and the square dish on the pink bandana ties the tablescape together. A tablescape is a great way to add a seasonal touch of decor to your home. It is fun to hunt for possible items you might use and to play with their arrangement. 

Tips for creating your own spring tablescape:

* Pick a color scheme and look to repeat it in your objects.
*Set your objects on something--a tray, cutting board, large book, etc.
*Vary your heights and remember odd numbers.
* Set something to the side of your base or main display.
*Add nature--real or fake.
*Take pictures to decide what to add or eliminate.

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