Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nu 2 Me

Okay, I bet all you creative ones have been doing this for years, but here in Montana, we are a little slow on the draw sometimes. I have had a cricut for a year. My mama bought it for me, and although I am a scrapbooker wannabe, I am not one at this point and time in my life. I do use the cricut a lot for preschool--it is great. But then I discovered a few weeks ago that they (you know that great "they") made vinyl to cut on your cricut. Now, as I said, maybe some of you have known this, but it was new to me. I have so many project ideas in mind for it. Today I was playing around and made these two little signs with some thrift store frames I had. I used the brown vinyl, and think I would like these better in black. The camera flash changed the color of the scrapbook paper--it is a deeper red. If you don't have a cricut, these could easily be made with scrapbook stickers. Gee, that's three projects in a row with scrapbook paper.


  1. It looks like you've been busy doing a lot of really cute projects lately!
    I love the barn stars and the hooks!

  2. Bec I so want a circut these look so cute! I may have to put this on my santa list:)

  3. Thanks for taking time to "sit a spell" on my brand new blog! I sure wish I was crafty...but I can duplicate. Love the barn stars...great colors too.


  4. How cute! I want a circut! I didn't even know you could do that with them!

  5. Oh, I've been wanting a cricut for a while now. It's on my Xmas list...again!!! Love the stars!! BTW-you won't need a tissue for that book'll need an entire box! It's a rollercoaster and although I haven't read the Xmas Shoes, I think that one is supposed to be worse than the blessing (on the tear-o-meter that is). I mean I cry every time I hear the song, so I can only imagine the book would have the same effect.

  6. I am glad you are going to be joining in! I am so not the scrapbooker either! :)

  7. I so want one! I don't scrapbook, but I use lots of scrapbook material for other projects. That came out so good!



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