Monday, March 23, 2009

$3, Corkboard, and a 1/2 Yard of Fabric

Look what I made with a $3 frame from Hobby Lobby (it was 90% off--I think it must have had a mirror in it. I traced the oval onto a piece of bulletin board (I always buy these at 1/2 price sales at the thrift stores). I used a craft knife to cut it out--you need to go over it a few times. I covered the board, stapled the fabric to the back with a regular stapler, popped it back into the frame, and put the back on again. This is a 10-15 minute project. I also hot glued buttons onto tacks. People are always looking for ways to be better organized so bulletin boards sell quickly. Be on the lookout for cheap frames and used bulletin boards!


  1. How fun and easy is that?! I have several empty frames just waiting for an idea like that.

  2. Looks great! Love repurposing great items like that :)

  3. I like it! And the buttons on tacks tend to sell well, don't they? ~Mindy

  4. LOVE the fabric you used in this. Don't you just love those good deals at Hobby Lobby!

  5. That is soo cute! I love your design tastes!


  6. This turned out great. I love it when frames are made into other things! YOur frame turned out beautiful!

  7. I love it! Really cute. Thanks for your comment on my post yesterday...I answered back in the comments - I hope it's helpful!

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  9. Love it! I bought a large oval frame at a yard sale that I should use to do this project. I haven't had a problem yet with those hanging iron pieces rusting, but I actually think some rust looks cool! I do have a large planter table thing that has rusted, but it looks good!

  10. That's pretty impressive! Found your blog through another I was visiting...have a great day!

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