Friday, March 6, 2009

A Project And A Half

Here is the mystery project I was working on, another island. Last summer I had made a wine bar/sofa table similar to this kitchen island. I used an old chair that sat on my deck for about 5 years.

I had it in a pile to junk because the top pieces broke, but then saw the mission style sides and thought, "I can make a table from this!" I used a wood top from a coffee table on this one, and some scrap boards for the shelves. It still needs a coat of poly and I am going to add locking wheels to the bottom, but haven't made it into town to get them.

The bonus project is only half done. I thought it was all the way finished, until I took a picture of it and saw that I needed a few more coats of spray paint. So here it is before black spray paint--a catchall for office supplies, chocolate, jewelry, etc. Do you see some of the thrift store finds I showed a few weeks ago. I am off to see a play.

PS--I changed my blog look (again), but don't get too used to it. This was totally a blue background on my laptop??? Not sure if this is me or not.


  1. It looks green on my computer. It looks nice! Jen

  2. I just love your junk transformations! They remind me alot of, well....US! (JunkFest girls) We just love taking the unusable stuff and making it great again. You do a great job!!

    Saw a picture of the explosion in the paper...all I can say is WOW.

  3. I am diggin' on that table. Great upcycle! The half project looks fine to me, maybe I have to see what else your going to do to it. Either way, great idea, I likey a lot!

  4. This is so cool! You always make the neatest things! I could see that container thing painted white and put in my bathroom to hold soaps, washclothes,etc. It would be so handy! You do a great job.

    That was terrible about the explosion. Did they ever find that lady!

  5. Becky, I love your bar just like I love all your projects. And I really enjoy your blog and the way you share your faith through it.

    I've awarded you a FAB BLOG award! Visit my blog to check it out.

    You rock! Midge

  6. Bec - theses are great! Love Love the table.. wow!

  7. I am always soooo inspired by your ideas!! You really encourage me to think "outside the box"!! Thanks for always being an encouragement and inspiration to me!!!


  8. Green here!

    Love the table. How creative!

    Have a great day, Denise

  9. Cool! I like your project too. I like the wood accents.


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