Saturday, May 19, 2012

Have a Seat

When I picked up this little folding chair, it did not have a seat.
But hey, for $1 I decided a seatless chair was worth it.  I painted it white and thought of making it a planter chair, but I have so many junky planters in the works that I decided I didn't need another one.  Then I spied some slats that had been part of a shutter long ago.  Some fun paint colors and my chair is seatless no more.
I think it makes a great porch chair so I hung a little chalkboard on it to welcome guests.
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  1. love it...makes all that enter your home feel welcome! tiffany

  2. Wonderful rescue on the chair! ~ Maureen

  3. This is awesome! Do you have information elsewhere on your blog about how to get such fantastic weathering?

  4. OH My Gosh, I LOVE this!!! My parents used to have a BUNCH of these chairs, now I want to find them and do this. These would look perfect on my wrap around porch :)

  5. Becky I have these chairs only you're making mine look a little sad :(
    Beautiful job!

  6. So adorable! I love the colors :)

  7. Wow! I love the chair. The colors look beautiful and fun.


  8. Oh, I am consumed with little chair envy. I collect them and yours is too cute.

  9. So adorable! You did a marvy job of giving it a happier look and a new life.
    I love all of your ideas!

  10. Another cute project. I love the way you put the colors together.


  11. This is just fabulous! The paint colors and weathering is absolutely outstanding! If you do have some tips elsewhere on your blog on achieving this look, please point me in that direction. I could only dream of achieving a finish like that at this point! PERFECT!


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