Thursday, December 22, 2016

Old Rocker

Are you picturing this with that title?

But, I meant this old rocker that I purchased off our local Facebook garage sale page.
rocking chair, pallets, reclaimed wood, salvaged, fusion mineral paint,
That I transformed into this new, old rocker.

rocking chair, upholstery, salvaged wood, reclaimed wood, pallets, fusion mineral paint, upccyled,
After spending about five hours, (yes 5!!) pulling off the old upholstery and taking out a gazillion nails and staples.
I then painted the chair with Fusion Mineral Paint in Raw Silk.  I chose to paint because the wood was in pretty rough shape and several of the wood detail pieces on the top were missing.
rocking chair, reclaimed wood, salvaged, fusion mineral paint, pallets,
I used newspaper to make a pattern and then cut out the wood pieces with the jigsaw. I use glue and the nail gun to attach the wood pieces.  This is what the back looks like.
reclaimed wood, upholstery, salvaged, rocking chair,
I left the wood natural and simply used a clear coat to seal it and bring out the natural beauty.
rocking chair, upcycled, reclaimed wood,
This was a fun piece to transform.  Well, it was fun to see the final product, the hours of pulling out the staples was not enjoyable.  But, I was happy with the results and it sold right away.
rocking chair, reclaimed wood, pallets,


  1. Thats fantastic. I like what you did with the wood pieces.

  2. I keep meaning to ask you where you sell your stuff? Craigslist maybe, or do you have a store?

    1. Thanks Kim, I have a booth at an antique place and I sell at shows too!

  3. Oh My!!! that is fantastic!!! Love it!!

    1. Thank you Jamie! I was ready to quit mid staple pulling, but glad I persevered.


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