Friday, July 20, 2018

Painting Kitchen Cupboards

My kitchen cupboard painting is coming along nicely, thanks to Fusion Mineral Paint!! It really does go on so nicely, like butter!

Painting Kitchen Cupboards with Fusion Mineral Paint

Here is a first peek at the Midnight cupboards. I am painting my lowers and my pantry cupboards in Midnight. This is my pantry:
Painting Kitchen Cupboards with Fusion Mineral Paint
They look a little naked without hardware, but I love them so much.
Painting Kitchen Cupboards with Fusion Mineral Paint
The color is coming out just like I had imagined. The finish is smooth and clean. 

I have painted also painted all of my lowers on my kitchen island and all of the drawer fronts on the lowers on the opposite side of the island (18 drawer fronts!). 
Painting Kitchen Cupboards With Fusion Mineral Paint
See THIS POST if you want to see the BEFORE and THIS POST to see PREP needed. So far I have about 10-12 hours into completing half of the kitchen. 


  1. Looks fabulous, please post more pictures!

    1. Thank you, I will! I am aiting on my cabinet hardware.

  2. The cabinets are gorgeous!!! They look professionally painted.


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