Sunday, July 29, 2018

Sunday Verses

Devotional on Worrying Less
Happy Sunday! I must admit, this verse has never brought me much comfort. I have always seen it as telling me that there is SO much to worry about in each day that we can't fret over future problems. And it does say that, but I have been trying to see the positive message in it too. I have been working at actively trying to notice and appreciate the small joys in each day. I stop to notice all of the different wildflowers along the path, I pause to listen to people laugh, I appreciate the little kindnesses shared with me each day, I savor fresh food. We get so caught up in worrying about all of our problems that we forget to recognize the small delights in each day. But, when we do take the time to acknowledge the everyday wonders our worries seem smaller and we find more peace in each day.

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