Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Think I Need Ginko

No, my husband and I did not get lost in bed while the children were away. I had a busy week of creating and then I totally forgot to take pictures and it all sold (which is a good thing!). I was so mad. I did take before pictures so I will show those and you will have to use your imaginations as I describe what I painted.

Two children are home now and the last gets home late tomorrow night. We have been trying to stay cool--floating the river, going to the pond and the splash park. It is good to have heat so i am not complaining (if I didn't have central air I might!).

So here is a bench I painted wildflowers on. The bench was only $3 at a yard sale and already came white 9ok it did need a bit of cleaning.) It looked somewhat like this, minus the picket fence in the back. I thought the picket would be too much on this long of a bench.

This little shelf could have sold five times. There was really nothing to it and DH picked it up for $1. I painted it moss green and then painted it with a swirly vine design in a cream color.

Here is my favorite item. It was an old trunk I bought at a thrift store for $2. I couldn't believe it was that cheap. I loved the inside and left it as is, but used polyacrylic on it to seal it. I also added to shelves, turned it up on it's end, and painted wildflowers on the front. They looked great against the darker background. I added a heavy duty wire on the back to hang it on the wall.

So I promise to try and remember to take after pictures this week, although I think i forgot to take before pictures! So off to take some Ginko for the old memory bank (JK) and to paint. Happy first day of July-really July already!


  1. Yep! The 4th already, enjoy the fireworks. I like the trunk.

  2. What great projects! I'm sure they all looked fabulous when you were finished. (I have the opposite problem: I forget the "before" shots!)

  3. Can't wait to see pics! Happy Independence Day!

    kari & kijsa


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