Thursday, July 10, 2008

Waiting on the Wind

The bench is almost done, but it has been so windy today I didn't want to put the final finish on it. I will show you all pictures tomorrow. I did decide to put storage in it and it was fairly easy.

In the meantime here are a few things similar to other projects I have done. I love building these salvage shelves. They are quick and piecing the salvage together is so much fun. I did this one in different colors from the last one.
Here is a little stool I did. The girl's dress was red but the decoupage medium pulled the color out. Many times I spray things with clear finish first so the color doesn't bleed. I didn't think this would. I still like it--the pictures are from a 1937 reader. I know--it is sad to tear it up--but the pictures get so much more use this way. I used the candle method on the paint to get the chippy look.

Happy Friday!


  1. What a cute little stool! My MIL picked up am old Dick & Jane reader for me....I have always wanted one...I learned how to read from these in the 60's...but the one she got is missing part of a cover & is not in good shape. I never thought to use the pages for something like this! Is it okay if I use your idea? That is IF I ever get around to it?
    Carol in OK

  2. Carol--of course you can use my idea--that is why I share them Ü!


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