Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Long Time,No Post

Hey, I am still here, still working away. I didn't do much last week, there was no Farmer's Market because of the fair. I have always been a term paper the night before kind of a girl. In other words--I work well under pressure and didn't feel any last week, so, why work or plan ahead Ü. Hubby had the computer tied up most of the week--he was finishing his online classes that he is taking to get his administration endorsement. He hopes to get the athletic director job this next year. When the computer was available--I wasn't.

I did do a few projects around the house. I painted my entry way half wall chocolate brown. It was so dirty from kids kicking their shoes off that I decided it needed to be a darker, more dirt like color. I also touched up all of my white trim work. Wow, what an amazing difference that makes!
I also put up these wall words that my sister had bought for me. They are in my dining room wall. They are from a company called Upwords Living. They were relatively easy to put up. I enjoy them more than I thought I would. I think we will all get this particular verse memorized!

Look at this cedar chest I found at a garage sale for $5! It looks like a three drawer chest of drawers, but the top opens and the bottom drawer is also cedar. It is made by the Roos company who made cedar chests from 1916-1951. It has a stamp on the inside lid, and also a paper on the bottom drawer indicating the chest number. I haven't been able to find the same one online. The finish was in horrible shape--I think it may have been left outside or something. But, the cedar inside is in very good condition, it just needs a good cleaning.

I am painting it black (my current favorite to make anything look good!). I would like to find new harware, but am having a difficult time finding the same size. I would use plates and knobs, but I am not finding the plates either. I will probably put the origial hardware back on, get it out to my antique booth, and then keep looking for something else. I will show you pictures tomorrow--it had to make a quick trip into the garage because a sudden storm came up.

Here is a little table I painted. I thought I took a before picture, but couldn't find it. It was your basic pine endtable, with lots of scratches. I haven't decided on a knob yet for this--I will probably use an old glass one. Excuse the lovely cardboard background. I took this one quick before the hail hit.Have a peaceful day and tune in tomorrow for more pictures (see if I say that--then I will post Ü).


  1. I always love reading and seeing what goodies you've made! Good luck to your DH and the job!
    You're entry looks fabulous, and the cedar chest, a treasure for sure. Can't wait to see the finished product. Love your creative painting on the table, too. Very elegant!
    Thanks for sharing all your wonderful goodies.
    Maryanns66...HGTV T2T Board

  2. I looove the little black table you painted...the design on top is just amazing! I also like the verse in your dining room :).


  3. super CUTE design on top!! did you do that freehand?

  4. OMGosh bec - that is gorgeous! I really, really, love it... hmmm....

  5. Do you free hand paint those swirly things? I love unique.


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