Saturday, December 20, 2008

Is It Tomorrow Already?

Oops, I told you I was going to post tomorrow, that was Tuesday night. I know you sweet readers all understand! We've had more snow and it the high is negative 10 today--at least we will have snow for Christmas, which I love.

We've been busy elves making gifts for the cousins. Here are a few of them:

My daughter helped with with the jewelry. Anyone know how to straighten that leather cording out? My son made the duct tape wallets.

We made what we call a bed buddy. We took the stuffing out of a purchased stuffed animal and sewed the legs and neck closed so that stuffing wouldn't come out. We added velcro and a rice bag sock. We also made this pillow and made a rice bag out of muslin to tuck inside. A warm rice bag goes a long way on a cold Montana night!

I made this throw for my sister. She just changed her family room colors to burnt orange and blues and browns. This is made out of micro suede and is so soft. The fabric was 70% off at JoAnn's. I didn't put any batting in it.

Here is the tree (no--you haven't had too much eggnog--the picture is a little fuzzy) and a nativity cross. It was silver, but I wanted it copper so I spray painted it and used copper leafing on it.

Hope you all are enjoying the last few days before Christmas. I am almost to 100 posts I think--I will have to have a giveaway. I will let you know and I still have a few decorating things to show you. Stay warm!


  1. You and your family are so creative. What great gifts! I have been so busy too. Sometimes I wish that I didn't work retail during the holidays. It would be so nice to be able to stay home and enjoy them. I'm almost to 100 posts too. I also want to do a giveaway. I will be thinking about what I can do. I enjoy your blog. I try to read it everyday to see what new creative things you have come up with. You always have such great ideas.
    Lee Laurie

  2. Hi Bec ~ I love what you and your family have been making...that throw for your sister is beautiful!

    Your tree is very beautiful also...very festive!


  3. Wow! You and your family have been busy! I've tried using a little leather conditioner on my curly leather cords, then I hang something heavy on them for a few days...not sure you have enough time... Handmade gifts are the very best kind. What a great thing to teach your children. Have a wonderful Christmas!


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