Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Have You Hugged Your Teen Today?

Teenagers--argh, they can be infuriating. But today I am reminded how little time left my teen has at home and how grateful I am for his health and safety. Last night one of his good buddies was in wreck on our icy Montana roads--he is fine, rung his noggin' and totaled his car. While slowing down for the wreck, my son spun into on-coming traffic. He continued to spin across the road into a turnout and was shaken, but safe.

And today I am working on a project to sell at a benefit auction for one of my teen's classmates. He was injured right before Christmas in wrestling warm-ups and is now a quadriplegic. So take a moment today to hug that kid who questions every decision you make, argues at every turn, and frustrates you to tears some days.

edited to add: When my son came home from school today he gave me a huge hug. I was touched--then realized it was because I had baked cookies. When he found out they were for the teachers, he was bummed. Oh well, a hug is a hug--plus I let him sneak a few cookies.


  1. Aww thanks - I needed this! The last few weeks with my one and only teen (so far) has been ups and downs! I'm sure you know what I'm talking about! Right now we are on the "up" so this is a good thing! :)

  2. Isn't it sad that sometimes it takes a tragedy or something scary to make us appareciate what we have.

  3. Im waiting for that hug from at least one of my teens...They dont hug anymore, havent for a couple of years, it is sad, especially when I need a hug sometimes!
    Hopefully it will be cool to hug mums in the near future, I cant take it much longer!
    Glad to hear your son is safe.They just dont realize how in a split second they could end up in a wheelchair like his friend,and my husband, its so tragic.

  4. I don't have any teenagers anymore. And seriously, I am glad. I have two great kids, a daughter in law and three wonderful grandsons. We raised our kids and are ready to just play with the grands! I was a first responder and remember many times we would have 911 calls involving teens. We all need to take the time to hug everybody that is important in our lives. And thanx for giving us the reminder.

  5. Hi Becky-

    Everytime my two daughters leave the house I say a silent prayer to myself to get them home safe. I don't think as mothers we will ever stop worrying about our children.
    It is funny how the simple gesture of your son giving you a hug is so touching to us, they(teenagers) just don't get it. My two are out of their teens now and they do get better!!!
    Diane @ InMyOwnStyle

  6. OMG I have a lump in my throat and a knot in my stomach. I'm so glad your son and his friend are ok but when you mentioned the friend who was injured in wrestling it made me feel sick. My little one loves wrestling and football. And although I try not to think about how dangerous they can be, stories like this make me think twice about letting him participate.
    I will hug both my boys tight tonight and give thanks.


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