Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1 Little Step Ladder, 5 BIG Ideas

Idea number 9 is a simple step ladder. I picked this one up for $3 at the thrift store. I painted green, cream, and blue on it, wiped it with some walnut stain, and added the cricut numbers.
Here is the fun part, deciding where to use it. It looks great in a living room as a decorative piece.
How about in a kid's room for stuffed animals?
It would be great in a bathroom. Notice the reading material hanging off the back ladder rung.
What about in the guest room holding pictures?
And my favorite, in the kitchen as a wine holder. If you use it this way either sand indentations in the back rungs to hold wine more securely or cover the backs rungs with the grip shelf liner. That's a wine opener on top--looks a little funny from this angle.
What ideas do you have for a step ladder?

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  1. Becky-
    Super cute. I love how you showed so many different ways to use it! You are the master.
    I love it in the bathroom and as a wine rack. So cool!

  2. Who knew a ladder could be so versatile! My favorite is using it as a wine holder.

  3. Super cute ideas! Especially love the wine holder (but then again, a whino would! Ha!) Thanks for inspiring!

  4. Love your ideas...hmmm...I like it in the kitchen...how about a plant stand?

    Stay Cozy

  5. I have been looking for a ladder like this for some time. I love all your ideas but I was going to use it to display my custom dog collars at shows. Great ideas!

  6. These are all such great ideas! Very creative.

  7. Amazing ideas! Especially the wine rack and the bathroom ideas. I never would have thought of that! :) So creative!

  8. So functional, I love it! I may have to the bathroom idea with mine! Krista

  9. That's cool! I have a little stepladder like this! I especially like the bathroom idea.

  10. I'm always drawn to old ladders! Love the numbered steps.

  11. Such fun! I love the way the frames look especially. I have one with rungs on it in my girl's bathroom, and it is way cute with towels hanging off of it! Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Very fun, what great ideas. And all with a ladder? Very creative.


  13. I love step ladders...and numbers! They go so well together, don't they? A girl can never have too many! Andrea

  14. Becky,
    Great ideas!!!


    barbara jean

  15. by clicking the Wine Rack Ideas you can get the more ideas.


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