Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Link Up!

Beyond The Picket Fence

Oh, I hope you all are back for my Under $100 linky party. And I hope even more of you join. I truly loved all of last week's ideas and I hope you found something great too.

Here is idea #10 from me. Anything can become art if you put it in a shadow box. To make this quick shadow box I used two frames that were different sizes and glued them together. Then I painted them, sanded and stained them. Glue the glass for the top frame around the edge and pop it into place. Cover the cardboard frame from the largest frame with fabric, and glue your object on the fabric. You can do this with three frames too, of graduating sizes. The silverware was my grandparent's.

Ok, on your mark, get set, go. Link up and show us those great under $100 projects.

Under $100 Linky Rules:

1. Please include a description in your link post.
2. Only post an idea that cost $100 or less--it would be great if you tell us the cost of your project, but not a must.
3. Please link to the specific post, not to your blog.
4. Please grab my 100 ideas under $100 button on the side bar and include it in your post so people can find us.
5. Check and make sure your link works--I often click on people's links and they don't work. If it doesn't, try again--you can let me know and I can delete the one that doesn't work--I don't know if you can.


  1. Love your silverware art! It's got my wheels spinning about all the things I could frame up! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for hostng this great event.
    I put up a fun, and inexpensive tutorial.


    barbara jean

  3. Hi, I love this linky party idea. And you have a nice blog.
    Great idea to put two frames together and what a nice way to display a family heirloom.

  4. Holy Smokes!Thanks for the heads up on the recipe snafoo. I'll have to investigate and fix it! Darn it!

  5. Hi! Thanks for the bloggin fun! I am all linked up! ANd a follower! I will be back! I love the ladder BTW!!!!

  6. Thanks for hosting


    barbara jean

  7. Thanks for the invite! I feel honored! I can't wait to explore your blog! Michelle

  8. Thanks so much for the comment! What a fun blog you have here! I linked up...but it hasn't showed up let me know if I need to do it again :)

    thanks a bunch!!

  9. Framing utensils? Seriously? Love it!!! I will feature it at Grab my "featured" button. Great name for a party too!

  10. Just found you from Someday Crafts...what a fabulous way to preserve something of your grandparents. Love it!

  11. I did get your message, thanks so much! I sent you an email as soon as I got your first message. Sorry it didn't go through. My first choice in the 3 colors would be red, yellow and light aqua (or light peacock), but if you have trouble with the blue color, you could substitute green. Thank you so much! And I am excited that your recent linky party had so many hits. I will link up my last post to it!

    Molly Cash
    85 Lancelot Drive
    Murray, KY 42071


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