Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Under $100 Linky Party

Sorry this is late, major Blogger issues.  It wouldn't let me save or post.  I copied HTML and saved in word--it was 869!! pages, what in the world?  I have retyped this several times.

Hey all, how is your week going?  Life has been stressful around here.  As my sister says, welcome to the new normal, ugh!  But, as I am preparing for my daughter's bible study group lesson on gratitude and with Thanksgiving and I reminded to pause and give thanks for all my blessings--the ability to worship God freely, my family and friends, my health and home, good jobs, more junk than I have time to play with, fellow bloggers, and so much more!  Remember amidst the chaos to take time to give thanks for your blessings, both big and small, it really does make a difference in your life and attitude to be grateful every day!

And I am grateful to everyone who linked up last week like these fine folks did:
Love the look and price of this Christmas garland from Campbell's Stoop.