Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Under $100 Linky Party

I had fun reading your opinions from the questions I asked a few days ago.  Here is a little of what I garnered from you:  Colors are a matter of preference--hard to say what is hot.  I do know orange is popular, everything that was painted orange at Junk Fest sold, however some of you do NOT like it.  Burlap is over.  Someone mentioned that burlap became trendy when the economy tanked because it is inexpensive fabric--I agree.  I had a discussion recently with someone who thinks garden themes are becoming big because everyone is into growing their own food, even in the city.  It was actually this conversation that led to me asking the questions.  Painted furniture is more popular (well, according to my very teeny tiny survey) and you are not sure where the hippest place is (I wanted to plan a trip there--work related of course).

And, without question you DO NOT like the read more format, as nor do I.  When I discover a new blog especially, I want to be able to read lots of older posts at once without clicking back and forth.  I have noticed so many of the "bigger" blogs have gone to this format and it does clean up the page and you are able to see more posts on a page, but realized I was rarely clicking to read more, even on some of my favorite blogs.  So, no worries, I will not be going to that format and for those of you who have, you may want to rethink it as this question seemed to get the most definite response.

Now to show you some creative trends from last week's linky party:
Love this bike in all white from FrouFruGal.
Ombre dresser from Oops! Redone

Wee Share's fabulous skirt.

Pretty curbside frame rescue from Curb Alert!

Cool mixed metal bracelet from Jewelry Making Journal.
Mixed metal wrap bracelet by Rena Klingenberg
Six Cents shared 10 delicious meals you can cook and freeze in 3 hours!

Great piece with a great story from Juniper and Roses.

Thanks for linking up and for sharing you with us :) !!
Under $100 Linky Guidelines:
1. Please link to the specific post, not your blog!
2. Please only post ideas that cost $100 or less--it would be great if you share the cost of your project, but not necessary.
3. Please include a brief description in link up.
4. Grab my Under $100 button on the sidebar and include it in your post or a link to Beyond the Picket Fence so people can find you and more great ideas.
5. Please check and make sure your link works. If it doesn't you can delete it and try again.
6. Please no direct links to sales sites, i.e. ETSY or just a plain ol' commercial site, we are looking for inexpensive ideas we can recreate.


  1. Becky, thank you so much for putting another party together...♥

  2. Some very good points. Orange is an either-you-like-it-or-you-don't color. Garden theme because the grow your stuff to eat movement is sweeping across the U.S. Lest we forget that this was the way of life for most of our parents, grandparents, so on and so forth and even for a few us as children. Somewhere after the 70's this way of life was left behind. Good post.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  3. Ha ha ha! There is irony when you say "Burlap is over" yet one of your features has burlap!

    I think the trend is fading because it isn't cheap anymore.. have you seen what they are charging for burlap these days? It is CRAZY! No longer is it a cheap go-to fabric. For $6/yard I can get discount home dec fabric!

    The real question is: When will Chevrons finally go out of style? ;)

  4. Great features...that little skirt is adorable :) Thanks for hosting! Laurel

  5. Thanks for the linky!!

    I love burlap right now. I did find it for $2.79 on sale at Joann's. I guess since I'm new to burlap, I really love it and all the things it seems you can do with it.

    Chevron is definitely in style right now, but even if it wasn't all the rage I still dig the pattern! I'm a newbie, LOL. :)

  6. Thanks for the party! Love that bike and that music printable cabinet!!

  7. I'm sorry to mention a downer, but (in Austin anyway)it seems to be a growing trend that a white painted bike shows up along side of the road where a bicyclist has been killed by an auto. I'm sad to say that their numbers are growing! Just thought you all might want to know.

    And please Watch Out For Bicyclists when you are driving!! (Especially, since some of them could do a better job of watching out for themselves.)

  8. Hi Becky, thanks so much for hosting , love all the features, that bike is so cool!

  9. Hi, Becky! The freezer meals keep catching my attention! I really want to do this again. Thanks for featuring Six Cents versions and for your great party!

  10. Thanks for hosting, Becky. I have to ask though...what is the read more format? I'm kinda new so I'm not sure what you mean? Can you give an example or is my blog an example?

  11. Thanks for hosting! Makes sense what you said about the read more format..I may have to rethink that!
    XO, Barbara

  12. Thanks for hosting, Becky! I like orange...on flowers - not inside my home. I like burlap, but have never been tempted to do a lot with it, as the idea of a burlap pillow just doesn't sound cozy to me and I want usable things. I really, really dislike the "read-more" blogs - you are right - I don't click more either because I get tired of going back and forth. I'd rather just keep scrolling down.

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Angie @ Knick of Time

  13. Thanks so much for hosting - it's always a great party - happy to have something to link up
    Off to browse!

  14. Good morning and thanks for another link party. I linked up my Homemade Crockpot Yogurt (# 98 ) that is super easy to make, is so tasty and very good for you! Hope you like the recipe and have a great week!

  15. Great post! I understand the 'read more' for some bloggers to use - it does cause one to click more than once on their blog. I hope to keep my blog as pleasant and user friendly as possible - great features and looking forward to reading the other posts - I appreciate you hosting,

  16. thanks for hosting! There are definitely some great inexpensive projects here!

    I'm in love with the frozen meals you featured - I bookmarked Six Cents' post so i can remember those! :)

  17. Thank you so much for the feature.
    Funny you mention about burlap since that burlap frame is the only burlap piece in my entire home, I just liked the way it looked with the green wall :)
    Tami @ Curb Alert!


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