Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Coffee and Cream

Hmm, my last blog title had the word coffee in it too--perhaps I have a coffee problem?  At any rate, this coffee table started out as this (well a little rougher, this is after some sanding):
I think it was maybe originally a longer sized piano bench because it looks like the table part had storage, but someone had added a plywood top that did not open.  I wanted to keep it simple so plywood top that didn't open it was.  I painted the legs with ASCP in a CoCo. 
I then used the dip and drag paint technique using white, coco, brown and yellow paint. 

Some fairly heavy sanding and stain over it all gave it a warm coffee and cream finish.
The finish reminds me of a Venetian plaster and it is always fun to see how it turns out.  This piece sold right away :).


  1. I love the coffee table! It's so warm & inviting!

  2. Becky--you know I love all your stuff, but I'm not a fan of this one. I hate to be blunt, but I'm so happy that finally you do something that I don't LOVE. It was getting hard trying to find words to tell you how wonderful your stuff is. :)
    Is it okay not to love it? I still love ya, and 99.9% of all you do. :)
    ps...not sure I should hit publish???


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