Friday, October 19, 2012

Ski Sign

Using some of the salvaged wood hubby brought home for me, I made a SKI MT sign that looks like it was found in an old lodge. 
 I simply used chalk to "pencil in" the letters before painting them. 
Quick and easy and rustic--just like Montanas prefer.
What sign would you make with some old salvaged wood? 


  1. So cute Becky! I love old signs, I just have a hard time deciding what to put on them! Love the wood you used!

  2. Hi Becky I too love the sign. I love using old reclaimed wood your project is beautiful Have a great weekend


  3. cup 'o joe
    feed store

    ... the possibilities are ENDLESS!

  4. Love the idea of first using the chalk! Love the sign you made. I too have a challenging time trying to think up sign verbiage! It depends on the room I wish to put a sign in. I don't like to do anything that is the latest craze, just something that will get better with age and be timeless. Love the look of yours so much, Becky! xo's Pam

  5. Love this sign! I need one for Colorado!


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