Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ticky Tacky

Have a last minute Christmas party to attend?  How about whipping out a tacky sweater to add a little fun and laughs.  I showed you this one I made for hubby a few years ago:
My daughter wanted one to wear to her school Christmas party so after a quick trip to Goodwill for some cheap and tacky items, I made this one for her.
Put a little fun into these last few days before Christmas!


  1. Oh, my! Your husband looks like he sooooo loves his sweater and your daughter looks so unhappy! LOL!

    My sister had an ugly sweater party with her friends. She sent me a picture. I think there was more bling than sweater. Yikes!

    You know what would be fun, to do a Christmas movie themed ugly sweater party. I was thinking that the other day. Nothing outright saying the movie, but hinting and people have to guess. Maybe people already do that!

    Merry Christmas! THank you for sharing your fun!


  2. Excellent sweater creations. Thanks for sharing the pics.
    Merry Christmas to you

  3. After Christmas my older kids always have an ugly sweater party to attend. The lights..... sure to get them a prize. I have all year to do it, so every garage sale I'll be looking for the perfect sweater. Bet you didn't think someone would get so excited about copying THAT idea huh!

    Merry Christmas Becky.


  4. So cute, Thank You for Sharing have a Merry Christmas!!!


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