Monday, December 10, 2012

Wastebasket No. 5

Sort of has the same ring as Chanel No. 5, right? Ok, well maybe not, but I knew when I spotted this giant, homemade wastebasket at Goodwill that it had potential.  It was made out of glossy paneling and in the past I would have left it and its $2 price tag behind.  But, I knew a quick transformation  with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint was possible.
A little Old Ochre,
some distressing with a wet cloth and some wax, and a number 5 painted on was all it needed to make a great storage piece. 
It has signs in it I painted on old pickets, but has so many possibilities.  What would you store in it?


  1. Rolls of wrapping paper or even more seasonal .... hats, gloves, scarves, the "winter warm essentials" you grab / dump at the door. Cure redo regardless of how the container is used. Oh, would make a super-cute tabletop mini-Christmas tree container or even a year-round plant container!

  2. Love this! You did an awesome job painting and distressing.

  3. Awesome find. You have made it look wonderful...Love it :)

  4. Great find! Love how you transformed it. I really need to try some of that Annie Sloan chalk paint. That stuff is magic makeover in a jar. ;)


  5. Super project. I really like that. I'm heading to the thrift store Wednesday. I know I saw one there the other day. Great idea.

  6. I would love to put white birch trees in it.

  7. love #5 becky! I never find anything at my Goodwill.

    great job! It would be great for umbrellas don't cha think?


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