Monday, January 21, 2013

Reviving in Vegas

I just returned from a short, fun girl's trip to Vegas to celebrate my sister's 50th.  I looked for inspiration--I didn't really find any junky, shabby things, but the colors and lights, sounds, food, and fun were reviving.  Most of these pictures are phone photos--I didn't haul my big camera.
There was a Chinese New Year theme happening--beautiful displays!

Me and My OLDER Sister
The Girls
We chose Vegas to go to a Tim McGraw (my sister loves him!) and Faith Hill Concert--they were great!
The Bellagio Fountains
The View from the Stratosphere
It was a fun weekend, back to work and reality for this chica--no more sparkles...sigh.


  1. Great pics! looks like a fun time. The thing I loved about Vegas was the the creativity. Talk about visual art. That's what I'd go back for in a heartbeat.

  2. Fun fun fun! I welcome your sister to the 50's club! Suddenly you don't care what people think or say and it is very liberating.

  3. Did you stop in and see the Pawn Star dudes?


  4. how fun! Happy 50th to your big sis! It looks like y'all had a great time. Love the pics (especially of pretty you!)


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