Monday, January 14, 2013

Upcycling Cheap

Can cheap be upcycled?  Is it worth it?  That is exactly what I did with this little table.
The base was from something nice originally, I am not sure what.  I bought just the base at a garage sale for $1.  It needed a top and I just happened to have the perfect thing--a cheap round MDF table top from my former late 80's decor.  You know, the tables with the screw on legs that I would cover with a lovely ruffled tablecloth?  But could I disguise the top enough to hide the cheap?  

I applied a very thick coat of Annie Sloan chalk paint in Provence, painting it in random directions.  When that was dry I painted a thin layer of Old Ochre.  I sanded this with an electric sander, using a fine grit paper.  The Old Ochre layers works down into the nooks and crannies created by the thick layer of paint.
Some wax finished the look and in my opinion, made something cheap (MDF!) look rich and old and lovely.
My dog wasn't so sure, but the person who bought it was :).


  1. absolutely love that dog picture! and you introduced me to a new word today, upcycling!



  2. What a great job on the table! looks like you paid a fortune for it! and that dog picture: priceless!


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