Saturday, April 26, 2014

Reclaimed Wood Sofa Table Tutorial

I was having a bad day yesterday.  I was frustrated, tired of being sick with a head cold, irritated with a few people.  I decided to take my frustrations to the garage and this sofa table was the result.
make a sofa table from reclaimed wood scraps
I started with a piece of plywood. 
use plywood for a base for scrap wood table
 I fit a few larger pieces of reclaimed oak and barnwood on the top.  I didn't want it too piecey--so I kept the pieces large and used just five of them.  I wasn't sure if I was going to paint them or stain them so I left them as is to start.  I used screws from the bottom to secure the wood pieces.  
use scrap wood pieces to make an easy sofa table
I decided paint was the way to go, so I painted the wood pieces.  I knew I was going to sand a lot off, but I still painted them completely, just what I like to do.
paint scrap wood pieces to make a table top
I then added oak edges or sides.  I secured these from the underside 
and with a screw at each corner.
secure table sides or apron from the underside and corners
Next came the legs, securing these with screws screwed in from the outside, through the edging.  I am not a fine furniture maker--I do rustic.  I never worry too much about the screws showing, it is how I roll, take it or leave it.
table legs are secured tot he table apron with screws
A brace between the legs helps square and sturdy up the legs.
use a brace between table legs to secure the table
Two more reclaimed oak boards make a great bottom shelf.
add a bottom shelf to a reclaimed wood sofa table
After a good sanding, I applied a mixture of coconut oil and Annie Slaon dark wax.
use coconut oil and wax to finish the wood on a table
I love how the patchwork top came out and the bottom shelf adds extra storage!
reclaimed wood sofa table made from scraps
A good, productive way to work out a little stress.
use salvaged wood to make a table
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  1. That turned out wonderful, Becky and sure is better than raiding the fridge or smacking someone upside the head! ;D

  2. Love it Becky! What a great table!!

  3. Love your table! The painted patchwork top gives it such a wonderful rustic and warm look. What a great way to alleviate stress!
    Thanks for sharing,

  4. great way to calm down--in the shop. LOVE the outcome, another great table Becky! Thanks for sharing your steps.


  5. I'm so impressed. What vision and so rustic and beautiful!

  6. I love it! You're lucky you can work so well when you're frustrated, that's usually when I need to stop because it's when I make mistakes. I feel so boring when I look at your pieces! I'm a shabby-white girl, "bold" for me is a color muted with gray!

  7. I luv the colour blocked top! What a great way to alleviate aggravations. I paint. Luv the table... sharing with the Mr.
    Hoping today is a better day for you.
    Hugs, Gee

  8. I love it and I'm pinning it. Probably one of my favorite things you've ever made!

  9. LOVE it! Love the rustic simplicity, the colors, the sanded edges and the dark finish. I'm looking at my coffee table with a new eye now. Thanks!

  10. You make wood sing with your creativity. This is so, so nice like all that you do.

  11. I love the patchwork top! What a great idea! I've done several projects with reclaimed wood and LOVE the rustic look. Tell me where the legs came from? I love them! Are they 3x3 or 4x4? The pallets I've acquired have 1x6 & 1x4's. Would love to find some with the square wood. Thanks for your inspiration! Blessings to you!

  12. Wow, that is impressive! Wish I could be half as productive on my "frustrated" days! this is a beautiful table!

  13. so beautiful, playful and elegant at the same time! thank you becky for sharing! =)

  14. I am in love. Seriously, looooooove this and the colors you painted are so perfect. I need one of these! Pinned :)

  15. Becky! Wow this turned out fantastic. I am obsessed with the colors you chose! Well done!
    ~Tami @ Curb Alert!

  16. Why do you use the coconut oil to the dark wax? Love the piece!

  17. This is beautiful. I love the end result, and the colors you used. Amazing!

    Emily - our house now a home

  18. Would love some general dimensions.


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