Thursday, December 4, 2014

12 Days of Christmas, Day 8, Simple Centerpiece
On the eighth day of Christmas 
Beyond The Picket Fence gave to me,
A centerpiece that says simplicity.

I am sooo behind on y 12 days of Christmas, so the last 5 days are going to be coming to you fast and furiously.  Today's project is a simple centerpiece.

Arranging flowers has never been a gift of mine, but I can shove twigs and branches in a can like nobody's business.  I started with an ice cream can that I painted red and blue.
I put 3 jars with some water in them in the can.  You could use florist foam too, but I didn't have any.  I then stuck freshly cut pine boughs and red twigs in the jars.  We have an artificial tree, but I always like some fresh greenery too.  I cut this in the woods, but you can also buy cheap wreaths at grocery stores and use that.
I added some Christmas balls to the twigs.
I set the can, ahem centerpiece on a red tray an added a few votives on wood slices, and a few more ornaments to the tray.
It is simple and colorful, yet still has the natural elements that I love for the holidays.


  1. I have a small live tree in a bucket that my son fished out from under a pier in Lake Washington for me. It smells so good in my living room. I want to decorate it very simply. Your centerpiece is very pretty Becky. Happy holidays to you & yours.


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