Thursday, May 5, 2016

Junk "Planters"

It was time, I couldn't wait any longer--I had to buy some flowers and start planting!  And, as I type this, the weatherman just said colder than normal weather next week...but, thankfully it looks like temps will stay above freezing.
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When we bought our old schoolhouse last summer, we were surprised to learn that they had planted no pollinating plants.  I love perennials and can't wait to get some in the ground.  If it was up to me I would plant (and may someday) perennials all around the front of the schoolhouse.  This is what it looks like now--"flowerbeds" around the front of the home, but they only hold rocks. 
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For now, I am using planters to add color around our home.  I started today with a few favorite junk chairs.
junk planter, garden junk, flowers, annuals, metal bucket, state fair chair, upcycled,
Now, before anyone freaks out, these chairs are old, have broken spindles and I have had them for a long time, "decorating" the garage and basement.  I did spray them with a clear spray to protect them a little. 

I added a little (new from Target several years ago) Mike Mulligan's Steam Shovel bucket to the the little red children's chair.
metal bucket, planter,
I secured it to the chair with a few screws and then drilled some small holes through the bucket and chair seat.
junk planter, upcycled, metal bucket,
I usually stick with the same annuals--petunias and lobelia.  They are great in heat and hard to kill. I typically use only red and white with the purple-blue lobelia.  
junk planters, upcycled, old chair, garden junk,
I also planted an old calf feeding bucket and hung it off my little gate behind the red chair in the front corner.
garden junk, metal bucket, garden gate, annuals, petunias, upcycled,
I attached a metal container to the red state fair chair to plant as well. 
metal bucket, junk planters, upcycled, planters, garden junk,
This is the next area to add some color too, 
tractor wheel, garden junk, old schoolhouse,
but today I am happy with the color and junk I have incorporated into my front yard landscaping.
junk planter, garden junk, upcycled, old chair, child's chair, flowers,

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