Friday, May 13, 2016

Mason Jar Wall Vase

I have been attaching jars to boards for years--I think the first one I made was 16 years ago! But, here is a new twist on hr mason jar wall vase.
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I used some of my colorful scraps of pallet wood and attached them with screws from the back to a piece of plywood.
scrap wood, wall vase, mason jar, canning, pallet wood,
I added a canning jar, using a piece of leather belt, washers and screws, to attach the jar to the wood background.  I had hubby help me hold the leather belt tight so that the jar is good and secured.
scrap wood, pallets, vase, washers, leather belt,
Some picture hanging wire on the back and you have a colorful wall vase--perfect for flowers, or office and art supplies, loose change, or toothbrushes and toothpaste in the bathroom. 
wall vase, scrap wood, pallets, canning jar, mason jar, vase, paint, reclaimed, upcycled, DIY,


  1. I drive my husband crazy because I can't throw away jars. Well here in Washington I'd be recycling them, but I can't even do that. They're so useful for so many things. I definitely use them for my homemade salsa. Great for storing leftovers in as I prefer glass over plastic. Anyway, love your creation. I've been meaning to do something similar for a long time. One of these days hopefully. I have too many projects going & dozens swimming around in my noggin. Have a great weekend Becky.

    1. Thanks Deb! I am with you--I hate throwing out jars. I do use them for lots of things. We cant even recycle them here anymore.

  2. Oh Becky you are so smart. I picked up some of those metal bands to make some of these in November, but I was never motivated to make any - the wire band just wasn't the look I was after. But belts? I've got belts and I can make mine like this. The colorful wood background Beyond The Picket Fence trademark look, that colors are perfect behind the jar.

    1. Thanks Bliss--not sure if it is smart or just cheap and resourceful!

  3. Love this that leather strap is the perfect touch.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green


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