Monday, August 8, 2016

How to Build a Rustic Industrial Bar Cart

After 9 days of vacation, I was ready to get in the workshop and build.  I had this bar cart idea in my head before vacation, but didn't get to it.  
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And then I saw a "news" story on home drinking versus going out and it said entertaining at home is on the rise and home bar carts and bar accessory sales were increasing and I knew I had to make this.

I used pallet wood and reclaimed fence boards.  I started by cutting the four corner board pieces, two 36" long, two 32" because I added 4" wheels. I then decided on my width (18") and cut fence boards and pallet boards (for dividers) for the bottom tray.  I secured the pallet boards to one side of the bottom tray fence board.  
divided shelf, bar cart, pallet wood, reclaimed wood,
After I created three of these, I laid them out plus added once fence board without the pallet divider to determine the length of my cart (23 1/2").  I cut the long boards for the side of the bottom tray and created a frame or box around the legs.  
pallet wood, reclaimed wood, bar cart, building,
I made the mistake of adding an inch and a half, think I would need because of the end pieces.  I didn't need to do that so there is a little corner gap where the bottom pieces don't cover the end side pieces.  No biggie--I left it and called it character.
bar cart, rustic, industrial, salvaged wood, shelf,
I then added the bottom shelf/divider pieces, securing them with screws from the bottom.
rustic, industrial, bar cart, reclaimed wood, pallet wood, DIY,
Next I made a middle shelf.  This has a shorter side made from pallet wood with a fence board bottom.  
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I did the sides a little different from the bottom shelf for a different look.
shelf, cart, bar, pallet wood, reclaimed wood,
After this point, I forgot to take process pictures.  But, I made a tray for the top that is removable.  
bar cart, rustic, industrial, reclaimed wood, salvaged, tray, shelf, paint, stain,
It sits securely on braces.
bar cart, wheels, rustic, industrial, salvaged wood, pallet wood, shelf,
I found a metal piece that was left in our workshop.  it was the perfect size so I used it a for a handle. 
rustic, industrial, bar cart, pallet wood, salvaged wood, build it, reclaimed,
A hook and bottle opener completed the bar cart.  I did stain it all first and then decided it needed to be "Beckyfied", ie. I need to add some fun paint colors to it!
bar cart, rustic industrial, pallets, reclaimed wood, salvaged, bar, moscow mule,
The bar cart found a new home as it sold Saturday at the Farmer's Market.  Cheers!
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  1. I saw that news story too and I love what you did with your bar cart. Your painting, as always, is perfect.

  2. As always set the TREND!!! Love this for a paint cart!

    1. Thank you! If I had a place for it, I would so use it for a coffee cart.

  3. Love this cart!!! and the removable tray is perfect!


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