Monday, August 29, 2016

Pallet Farmhouse Table

Sometimes I am reminded why I love pallets and why I wrote a book about building with pallets (which you can buy HERE).  This farmhouse table is a perfect example of what you can create with simple pallet wood!
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It is a simple build and you can use THIS tutorial for stools to build the table--just think of it as one big stool.
farmhouse table, pallets, kitchen table, reclaimed wood,
The legs and cross bars on them are some chunky 4x4 pallet pieces.  The apron is made from the 3 1/2" "typical" pallet boards.  The table measures 48" x 30".
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Different width boards on the top add a little interest and gives the table more of a farmhouse feel, as if it was made from parts and pieces that someone had on hand.  I attached these with a small 2x2 pallet board that was screwed tot he apron.  That way I could drill through it into the BOTTOM of the table top boards.
farmhouse table, pallets, reclaimed wood, country kitchen,
I painted the bases white, distressed it and then used Minwax stain in Early American all on it.  I then gave the top four coats of Polyacrylic to protect it well.
pallets, farmhouse, kitchen table, reclaimed wood,
The benches were also a simple build.  I started with the legs, making an H with a top piece (I guess it is a square A) and then added two wider pallet boards for the seat.
farmhouse, pallets, kitchen table, salvaged, shabby,
This table is perfect for a breakfast nook or smaller dining area.  My daughter loved it so much she wanted us to trade out our 7 foot table for this one.  I told her, um, no!  But I said I would build her one when she has her own place in 5 or so years!

pallets, farmhouse table, country kitchen, reclaimed wood, DIY, stain, paint,


  1. gorgeous table, it adds so much personality!!!

  2. I love it! Classic, rustic beauty!

    1. Thank you! shabby rustic, aka farmhouse, seems to be my style of choice these days.

  3. So cool! I love it? Have you done a desk?

    1. Thanks! No, I have not. I have one designed in my head, just need to build it.

  4. Love it! You are so inspiring and such a great teacher for all the rest of us!

  5. Very cool. I love it. Just wondering though, could you take a picture of the bottom side of the table Becky? Great build as usual.


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