Monday, November 28, 2016

Wish list DEALS

Boy, how things have changed since I was a kid.  Who would have thought we would have a day during the holiday season known as Cyber Monday?  I am pretty sure I would have thought it meant something about aliens coming to earth on a Monday.

At any rate, I just had to share a few UH-MAZING deals that are happening on Amazon today.  These are things on MY wish list (feel free to forward to my hubby 😉).  Don't laugh--I am pretty practical girl when it comes to my want list:

*This post contains affiliate links.*

I do not own a tablet, but I am pretty sure I would love one and use it daily!
Yes, Sofia and Clooney have convinced me I NEED the coffee NINJA!
And in addition to my coffee love, I drink tea just about every day.  These electric kettles are slick--they heat up so quickly!
Wool socks are always on my list, aren't these ones cute?  
 Coloring is so relaxing, but only with GOOD colored pencils.  I love these ones! What a perfect stocking stuffer.
This looks like the perfect lightweight coat for walking and hiking.
I always come across stripped screws with the old furniture I work with, love this speed out set!
I don't use a router because I don't have one.  I think I need THIS ONE to get started.
I can't believe I don't own a cast iron skillet.  it is one of those items I have wanted, but never buy for myself.
What is on your wish list?

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