Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday Verses

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Happy Sunday! So, what do you see in this photo? Believe it or not, in the right of it, behind the steam and fog, there is a large bison herd that you cannot see. Life is often times a lot like this picture-- there is so much going on behind the scenes, but we simply cannot see it. And not only can we not see it, we can't predict how it is all going to play out. It is during these times that we MUST hold onto our faith. We have to trust that God can see it all and He knows what is going to happen. It is never easy--really, pretty much NEVER, but trusting and hoping and being patient build our faith and make it stronger for the unseen life happenings ahead. This week find beauty in the fog and faith in the unknown!


  1. Amen! Beautifully expressed, Becky! What an awesome creator we have! Faith, though unseen, is indeed a powerful thing!

    God bless you! Net


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