Wednesday, November 30, 2016

12 Days of Christmas, Day 8, Copper Mercury Glass Centerpiece

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Every year I enjoy coming up with a different centerpiece idea for Christmas.   
Christmas centerpiece, Christmas decor, rustic, antlers, faux mercury glass, fusion mineral paint,
For years I thought I couldn't "DO" centerpieces. (And after seeing this one, you might still think I can't, haha! 😄)

I have discovered a good centerpiece, or at least one I like, has some key elements: height, light, natural elements, and something unexpected.
Christmas Centerpiece, rustic decor, copper glass, antlers, fairy lights,
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I started with the idea that I wanted faux copper mercury glass and after some trial and error I came up with a look that I like.
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Using copper paint from Fusion Mineral Paint I used a paintbrush to dab the paint onto a clean jar (I got this one from Michaels for 90% off).  
mercury glass, fusion mineral paint, copper glass, DIY,
Before the paint dried, I sprinkled rock salt on the paint.
fusion mineral paint, faux mercury glass, copper paint,
When the paint was dry I brushed the salt off.
faux mercury glass, fusion mineral paint, DIY,
I then sprayed the jar with a white vinegar to soften the paint up a little and blotted the paint with a rag.  I also twisted the rag to take some bigger chunks of paint off. The final step was coating the jar with a clear glossy finish.
mercury glass, copper paint, fusion mineral paint,
Have you seen these antler picks at Michaels?  I bought a couple ($2.50 each) and also painted them with the copper paint.
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I also cut some wood slices from a fallen branch and painted these with Fusion Mineral Paint.  I drilled holes in them and put a piece of bailing wire dipped in hot glue in the hole to make wood slice floral picks.
Mercury Glass, Fusion Mineral Paint,
I always set my centerpiece on a tray so I can remove it easily from the table when the table is full of food and people.

I stuffed the jar with a few different types of fresh pine branches that we cut in the woods over the weekend. You could use fake branches as well (be sure to buy GOOD looking ones!).  I added some twigs from my yard, the fake antlers and the wood slice picks.
Christmas centerpiece, faux mercury glass, antlers, twinkle lights, fusion mineral paint,
I then wrapped a strand of copper wired twinkle lights in and around the branches.  I love these lights and you can get them HERE.  I tucked the battery pack into the greenery.

I added a couple candles that I set on wood slices,and some real antlers and a few painted wood snowflakes.
rustic, christmas centerpiece, antlers, copper mercury glass, fusion mineral paint,
The fresh pine smells so good and the lights are so pretty at night.  I also made several wreaths with the fresh pine (I shared a how-to last year HERE).  You can see them in this picture, hanging on the 6 original, 85 year old, schoolhouse windows.  I will show them off better when I do a house tour in a week.
rustic decor, centerpiece, mercury glass, twinkle lights,
My quirky centerpiece was quick, inexpensive, and most importantly, makes me smile 😏!  


  1. Nicely done!
    Thanks for some wonderful ideas.
    Nicely done!
    Thanks for some wonderful ideas.
    diane @ thoughts&shots

  2. How pretty! And the way you've styled the tray really works with the jar.

  3. the centerpiece is looking amazing... and he look of the vase is awesome...

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