Monday, February 6, 2017

Getting More Out of Life

Who want more out of life?  I am pretty sure we all want more of something, whether it is more fun, more rest and quiet, more income.  

6 weeks ago I started this MORE Mondays series as a way to motivate us and inspire us to have a better life this year.  I have decided that every 6 weeks I will do a recap so we can catch-up and reset what we are doing if needed.

Because so many of us start out gung-ho in January and fizzle by now I think taking a reflective break every 6 weeks will help us to stay focused on our goals.  

If you haven't joined in on getting MORE out of this year OR if you have fallen behind and haven't printed everything, take this week to catch up, refocus and re-energize.  The goal is that you will print out the FREE worksheets each week, read them, do them, keep them in a binder so that at the end of the year we have a great resource for creating positive changes in our lives!

Find WEEK ONE printables here.  We looked at what we might want more of this year and what we needed less of. I am focusing on more rest and quiet and less electronic time/noise.  I also am focusing on showing more love and looking for ways to share more love right where I am at.

WEEK TWO's focus was on more rest. I have been working on turning off the background noise more and just being in the quiet.  I also have been enjoying a few minutes of quiet, deep breathing each morning.

WEEK THREE we looked at adding more health in little ways.  I have been drinking a quart of warm lemon water every morning BEFORE coffee and have been doing squats like crazy--while brushing my hair, while waiting for the stove to heat up.  Little changes really do add up and are easy to include in your every day routine. 

WEEK FOUR was all about adding a little more fun in our lives. I haven't been great about doing this one yet, but I have been trying to watch comedies more--lots of The Office on Netflix.  I need to work on more fun this week.

WEEK FIVE we looked at adding more creativity, which is one my favorites. This past week I "played" in the workshop and created a few fun things (like the LOVE sign I shared).

Take this week to catch up and re-commit to working on having the best life possible this year! I would love it if you comment and let me know what you have been working on and what you want more of this year.  


  1. Well this is totally a hum-drum comment, but thought I'd throw it out there anyway. Today I cleaned out my nightstand. Finally! Exciting, huh? It was spilling out on me every time I opened the door. My nightstand is one of those replica ice-box freezers, hence the door. Anyway, it was a mess. It took me more than an hour. Which is long for such a little space. I would have been done much sooner if I hadn't felt compelled to re-read about half of the greeting cards that I have saved in a photo album. My favorites are the ones that my 2 sons made for me. My younger son wrote in one that I am the best mom in the "hole" world. Priceless treasures to all of one person; me! I also read about my older sons 21st birthday. I wrote about it in one of my many journals that I had planned on writing in everyday. Sadly I didn't keep it up. I wish I had. It was fun to relive that happy event through that journal entry. Well that's all. I now have a nice orderly nightstand & a smile on my face from some happy thoughts & memories.

    P.S. Saturday at work a lady that I rang up commented to me that I was a lovely person.She also said that I was very pleasant. It was very busy that day & I was working hard. She made my day. I often pray that I would be a blessing to others as I would desire that they would be a blessing unto me. That was a lovely answer to my prayer that day.

    1. I love it! It feels good to clean out even little spaces, right? What a sweet memories you have of the things that are really important--the small moments with our families. I heard today we can take relationships with us to heaven, i.e. people, but not things. And isn't it amazing how a kind word can make us feel so much better?! Have a blessed day!

  2. How absolutely awesome that lady took time to tell you how your service to her was great and she appreciated you. We all like to hear things like that but too often people don't express themselves or take the time. Sure glad she let you know.
    When I have to tackle something over phone have been dreading and person on other end has been helpful and pleasant I try to tell person how much they were appreciated. When I worked had to deal with people on phone so always made effort to help and be nice. What goes around comes around, does it hurt to be pleasant and helpful?Nope.
    Enjoy rest of your week

    1. So true! It takes the same amount of time to be kind and pleasant that it does to be rude and hurtful. We need to choose kindness, it matters and we never know how a kind word might change someone's day or life.

  3. Thank you for commenting. Indeed it does not hurt to be pleasant and helpful. Also, you have made my day, (well actually my night, I'm getting ready to turn in) simply by adding the saying of what goes around, comes around. My dear dad used to say that to me & he has been gone a very long time. I still try to live by that sentiment. You obviously are a very kind person yourself. It shows in your words. Again, thank you for this comment. God bless.
    P.S. My son has a job where he is frequently doing customer service over the phone & he told me that at least once a day he has to deal with an angry customer. That makes his job even harder. I wish everyone would practice a little patience & understanding.

  4. What a great post Becky . I'm playing catch up these days and oh believe me , I'm trying so very hard to make some needed changes in my life . Rhsbks do much for the time that you have out into this tovshsre with others . Hugs and blessings , Cindy

    1. I am so glad you are joining in Cindy. It is so much easier to make small changes and to have them stick when they are just simple little things. Blessings!

  5. Well, where have I been? I hadn't seen this new exciting series you are doing on more. I love it! Thanks for making this recap (which I think is an excellent idea!) And thanks for making such cute printables to go with it.


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