Monday, February 27, 2017

More Water on More Mondays

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So today I am keeping our MORE Monday goal pretty simple.

I think most of us know drinking more water is better for our health. And while I usually drink plenty of water in the summer, I just don't seem to get as thirty in the winter and subsequently do not drink enough water for about 8 months out of the year.

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I set out to change that this winter and have been doing well with it.  It really does help me to feel a little better.  

The biggest change I have made is to start drinking my water out of a quart mason jar--it really helps me to measure and remember how much water I have had.  I also have started buying a dozen lemons at a time and I squeeze the juice from half a lemon into my water every morning.

I also "reward" myself with coffee AFTER I drink my quart of lemon water.  No water, no coffee!

Let me know if you need to add more water in your day and how you are going to do it!


  1. I think about it everyday & often find myself feeling dehydrated come evening. Then I gulp down a glass or 2. I know I need to spread it out better over the course of the day. I like your mason jar method as not only does it measure your intake, it is glass. I don't like water from plastic at all. Those throwaway water bottles need to go away. Bad for the environment & just a lazy way of toting water.

    1. Yes, I much prefer to drink water from glass. I use a glass water bottle on the go! And I hate it when I wait and drink most of my water at the end of the day--too many bathroom trips in the middle of he night when I do that.

  2. Oh yes, I know it's so important, and yet, I'm not so good at getting all the water I'm supposed to take in on any given day. I also love to add lemons to my water... It adds alkaline and such a great taste!

    Love your mason jar idea. Sometimes, I also like to drink mine with a straw!

    Blessings! Net

    1. The mason jar has helped me so much! I try to drink two jars of water before noon! And then 1-2 throughout the afternoon.


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