Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday Verses

inspirational quote about forgiveness
Happy Sunday! Montana is called Big Sky Country and when my family first moved here, I remember my little brother saying, "The sky really is bigger in Montana." We have gorgeous, wide-open spaces where you can look as far from the east to the west as your eyes can see--which is pretty darn far. When God forgives us, this is how far God removes our sins from us. AND BONUS, he forgets them.  The problem is, God forgets them but, we don't.  We continue to live in shame and live in the boundaries and shackles of our sin.  God never intended us to do life this way--He wants us to live in the freedom of forgiveness he gives us. We need to accept the work Jesus did on the cross and, just like God does, forget our sins.  This week let's trust that we are really forgiven and let's work on forgiving AND forgetting our mistakes!


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