Monday, February 20, 2017

Getting Outside More

easy ideas to get more out of your life

I love the outdoors. BUT, I also really, really like to be warm so my outdoor time is fairly limited for six months or so each year.

But, this year I did want the cold and snow to stop me from being outside, or at least not as much as it has.
free printable about nature from john Muir

You see, I know how good I feel after I get a little fresh air and a little nature in my body.  And science backs me up.  Fresh air is so good for us--for our brains, our moods, our bodies.  

So, I have been trying to not let the weather stop me, to bundle up and get outside, even if it is only for a few minutes.  Maybe something else stops you from getting outside.  Time, you don't want to get sweaty, the couch and computer.  I am sharing EASY, small ideas to make small changes.
Montana in late winter
This weekend we headed out with umbrellas and coats to explore a nearby state park.  The rain/snow held off and we had a great time getting some fresh air.
Free printable on getting outside more
Print the More Fresh Air FREE PRINTABLE HERE, get out there and let me know what you are doing to get MORE out of this year!


  1. I love getting outdoors but agree.....I find it more difficult to do during the winter months. Sometimes I just force myself to get out. Once I do.....I feel great!
    diane @ thoughts&shots

    1. I agree--it feels so good to get a little fresh air, even when it is cold!


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