Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Vintage Metal Folding Table

After doing THIS--ya know, buying junk, fixing it, repurposing it, painting it--for 16 years I know when I should quickly grab a piece at a yard sale or thrift store and not hem and haw over it.

Such was the case when I spied this vintage metal folding table on sale for 1/2 price at the thrift store.
vintage metal folding table from the thrift store
I didn't open it and set it up to see if it was sturdy, I didn't walk around the store and think about it, I just threw it in my cart.  I knew that the metal top would be great with new legs if needed or that it would make a fabulous, big, metal sign.

But, when I got my $4 purchase home I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was very sturdy  when I set it up. A quick an easy update was all this fun metal table needed.
vintage metal folding table perfect for camping
I free-hand painted an outline of Montana on it with mt added to the southeast corner. Who else loves playing cards when you are camping?
vintage table perfect for a camper or trailer

This table is one of those perfect pieces for camping or to throw out on the lawn for a BBQ.  (It was 6 degrees out with several inches of snow on the ground when I took photos--sorry, it got staged in my family room.)

sturdy vintage table upcycled
I am glad I spied this piece and knew well enough to grab it before anyone else did.
Paint a vintage folding table to update it


  1. Who couldn't use an extra table? Good find. But, I'm drooling over your grates in the floor.........

    1. Ha-ha PJ, yes the grates are nice--we live in an 85 year old schoolhouse.

  2. Am also drooling over grates on floor. And - am very envious of your smarts to grab that table.
    according to ex neighbor from MT he says winter this year has been like ones when we were there, so homesick for MT can't stand myself, we were so dumb letting our place go.
    Your table looks great with outline of Mt on it, you do great job of drawing outline.
    Enjoy rest of week. It was 64 here today, can you believe that, I want cold and snow.

    1. Funny, I guess I take the grates for granted. Yes, it has been a heck of a winter, coldest since 1979. I am okay with the snow, but it has been too darn cold!

  3. I love your thrift find! I wish I could free-hand paint that well. I always have to use a stencil. :) My husband and I would love to visit Montana one day. We have a trip planned to Wyoming to go to Yellowstone coming up. Maybe we will have time to swing through Montana!

    1. I have painted Montana probably 500 times--easier to free hand paint it when you have done it so many times! Yes, you definitely should plan a day in MT, Bozeman is just about 90 minutes from the Park.


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