Monday, February 13, 2017

Showing MORE Love on MORE Mondays

easy changes to make to get more out of life
Happy Monday!  I hope you took last week to get caught up on getting MORE out of this year.  (SEE HERE) 

With Valentine's Day tomorrow, it is a perfect week to focus on showing more LOVE.

I am not giving dating advice here, but ways to share more love with both those people closest to us and those who may be strangers.

And I have a feeling some of you are saying, "Wait, I NEED more love, who is going to show me more love?"

This I KNOW, the more love we give and share with others, the more we get in return.  And I am not sating you are not sharing love, but maybe we need to give it to others we haven't thought of.

You see we, ME, get selfish with our time and our words and actions.  We get worried that if we give too much love away, we won't have enough for ourselves.  That is simply not true.  Love is an action and something we do.  Reaching out to others is one of the greatest and best ways to love ourselves.
So, as in the other weeks, I have provided some simple ideas to incorporate THIS week ro show more love to others.  

Let me know what you are working on!

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