Saturday, December 9, 2017

12 Days of Christmas Day 10 and 11 Christmas Entryway

12 Days of Easy Inexpensive Christmas Ideas

On the tenth and eleventh day of Christmas
Beyond the Picket Fence gave to me
Old book ideas and a decorated entryway.

Um, ya, that doesn't rhyme and yes, I am "cheating" and combining two days again because there are all sorts of thrift store Christmas decor ideas in my entryway.

pallet wood shelf decorated for Christmas with thrift store finds

use an old stack of book for Christmas decor
So, let's start with a stack of old books. 
Paint a Tree on Old Books
Now, if you are a bibliophile, look away. BUT, I have said it before and will say it again, thrift stores take loads of books to the dump on a regular basis. I would rather use them, even if it isn't for reading, than see them at the dump. 
paint a pine tree on old books for christmas decoration
Sketch a tree on a stack of old, thick books and paint using craft paints. I start by painting the trunk and then using a lighter, brighter colored green, making small brush stroke lines. I then add a darker green over top.

Using an older, scrubby brush I add snow to the branches and dotted snowflakes.
paint a pine tree on thrift store books
You also can paint words, paint the book edges blue and then paint a snowman, or whatever you like.
use old book pages to make paper chains for Christmas
I used other old books to make paper chains. I used these when I sold at a show in November. I wanted a random, drapey look so I just hung them willy-nilly from the hooks. I made this shelf last year for my stockings and then moved it to the entryway. There are directions for it in my NEW BOOK (shameless plug), Wood Pallet Wonders HERE. 
use an old metal truck for Christmas decor
I found a metal, red Tonka truck for $2 at Salvation Army and added a tree to it. The skis are another project from the book.
Sock Stretcher Christmas Decor
I sock stretcher from the thrift store got  the Christmas treatment,
adorable ice skates from the thrift store
and these tiny ice skates from a thrift store are a favorite. I showed you how to make the NOEL garland HERE.
Pine boughs on a Pallet Wood Shelf for Christmas
Fresh pine boughs filled out the shelf.
Old School Desk Decorated for Christmas
My old school desk (I do live in an 85 year old schoolhouse) holds my thrift store Tom Thumb children's typewriter and a basket of pinecones.
Make a Chalkboard on an Old Hollow Core Door
I made the chalkboard last year on a piece of an old hollow-core door (easy to find at Habitat for Humanity Re-stores). I framed it out and change the sentiment on it seasonally.
paint a tree on thrift store books and make paper chains to decorate for Christmas
Honestly, I surprise myself sometimes with how many goodies and Christmas decor items I use that are from the thrift store. Keep your eyes open and think outside the decor box!
use thrift store finds for Christmas
create unique christmas decor with thrift store items


  1. Have just found your blog from Tania at Little Vintage Cottage. I love books and just love this idea! They used to do the same thing 100-200 years ago and they are called fore-edged books. If you can find one, it's worth a small fortune. In the meantime, I think this is a very cute idea and want to try it out myself.

  2. Cute idea!! πŸ’›And the shelf with hooks creates a perfect setting!!!πŸŽ„


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